Sunday, October 16, 2011

Are You Proud of Your Country

As the red, white, and blue flag fluttered in the wind, we stood underneath with our hands to our chest, heads held high, and pride in our hearts. On the brave 4th of July, our flag soared among the clouds and proved that America was in the position to be a strong nation. 235 years ago, we started out as a petite country having only thirteen colonies, and throughout the years we rose to a vast country where we owned 50 states, people immigrate to this prestigious country for a new life with freedom and hope.

It was the beginning of a new year, when my family migrated here, I was held in the warmth of my mother’s hands that covered me from the fierce wind blowing. We had a chance to start new life, begin with a different opportunity that none of my other family members took.  That opportunity was waiting for us all we had to do was the open the doors leading us through it. That choice has brung me to write how I feel about America. I was raised here, gained knowledge of things I would have never heard of if I was brought up in India, and I also considered myself an American.

I hear stories from my dad learning about people all over the world denied for no entrance to the USA, thinking how they feel at this moment; they can’t give their children what they want for them. I am proud of our country rising beyond levels anyone could imagine, individuals dream of living here, watching the soaring skyscrapers in New York, getting a decent job, and many other reasons for them immigrating. Here I am, already in the bestowed land living my life as a free citizen where all my dreams can come true. If I want to become a doctor, I can. If I want to become a fireman, I can. There’s nothing you can’t do here.

We give everyone a chance, a new hope, and a new beginning as they see the Statue of Liberty standing tall showing them their freedom, we live proudly on the American soil. I’m proud of America that supported millions of people and I’ll be there supporting America along with the other millions of people. Tis’ truly is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

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