Monday, July 8, 2013

Fifa Bicycle Kick

 Recently, as in today, I got the Xbox Achievement "Riding Bikes." What you have to do to unlock this achievement is score in a game with a bicycle kick. If you don't know what this is, here is a pic to show you.
It is an overhead kick, in which you jump and kick the ball backwards. In the video at the end of the post, Zlatan Ibrahimovic hits a stunning bicycle kick. It was beautiful.  Anyways, I have found an easy way to get this achievement. Start an exhibition match (You may use any team but a high star team is better) but before you start the match, go to settings and User Game Customization. Make the sprint speed and acceleration to 100 and the shot and pass error to 0. Go to CPU Game Customization and change sprint and acceleration to 0. Make the goalkeeper ability 0 and exit. As you play now, your players are incredibly fast  and accurate while the other GK will stink. Now quickly get the ball and sprint to the other side. When you reach the penalty box, turn so your back faces the keeper. For Xbox, click LT and repeatedly tap RB. The next part depends on your camera angle. While holding LT and clicking RB, flick the RS to the left and then hold LT and hit B. If done correctly, you will score and unlock the achievement. This is a good trick to use online and it never gets old. So, once again, here is Ibrahimovic's amazing bicycle kick.(In real life, that is) There is also a video of Matt Eliason scoring a bicycle kick in  a Messi and friends game. Amazing

Sunday, July 7, 2013

FIFA Free Kick Tutorial

As a beginner, I always had trouble taking free kicks. It seemed impossible and it took many weeks to perfect it. I always missed the goal by inches or the goalie would simply catch the ball and I would never score. But, after lots of practice, I am almost a pro at free kicks. I will be showing you two different way to take a free kick.

The Dipping Shot (20-30 yards): First select a kick taker that has high curve and free kick accuracy. To check this, press down on RT and view the stats when choosing a kicker for your free kick. Then, you need to aim properly. If he is a left footer, then aim between the second and third players from left of the wall. The next step is power. Put about 1 1/2 bars of power and flick the left analog stick up AS YOU GO TO KICK. DO NOT release until the ball has hit the net or you missed. Practice makes perfect!


The Curve Kick (30-40): Select your player that has high curve and FK accuracy. From Barcelona, I would choose Lionel Messi, David Villa, or Xavi. Real Madrid, I would choose Christiano Ronaldo, Kareem Benzema, or Xabi Alongso. So now, to score from this distance, you can't use the dipping shot. So here is where the curve comes in. If you want to curve the ball to the inside, lie up the first player from the right with the goalie and shoot with about 2 bars of power. As you begin to shoot, Flick the LS to the left or right (whichever way you want the ball to curve.) This way you put the ball up and out of the way of the goalie so it goes in 80% of the time. For this, you might want to use a player with a higher power stat. For example, David Villa. He has 90 power so instead of 2 bars of power, I would choose 1 and 1/4 bars of power. 

Line up the player from the right with the goalie and shoot


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How to Have alot of Money in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

 First what you have to do is build your team. Don't just play right away. Before you do, go to auction search and buy a Rare Bronze player. You can find them because the text on their card is in white. Buy it for 300 coins and then put him on auction. Make the starting price 400 coins so you know you have a profit. Put the Buy It Now price to 900 coins. For example, I bought a player with high shooting skills for 200 coins. I put the Buy It Now price to 2000 and the starting price at 1000 coins. I sold it for 2000 coins so a HUGE profit off a 200 coin player. I have quickly earned thousands of coins using this method but there are more methods.

Be sure to check out as they give more methods to coin making

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FIFA 12 Tips and Tricks

For many years now, FIFA has reigned as the top rated game in my list. Be it Fifa 13, 12, 11, etc. Playing for over a year now, I think I finally understand the way the game works and I am here to share the few secrets I have discovered in the brief time I have played FIFA 12.

Tip 1: Don't worry about the higher levels (Semi-Pro, Pro, World Class, or Legendary) if you are a new player. There will time for those when you develop faster thumbs and quicker game reflexes. Just play with Amateur for maybe 50 matches and learn the way your team and players work
Tip 2: From the beginning, pick one team that you will choose as your best team. Work with this team and learn it's players, weaknesses, and strength
Tip 3: Know your players. Do not put a left footed player on the right as it makes your shot weaker. In most situations, (if you have your south paw player playing right forward) you will be forced to shoot with your right. This makes a weaker shot and the ball will not always be on target.
Tip 4; Don't always go for the 5 star teams when choosing. (Barca, Real Madrid, Man. Un., and the others.)
Some teams like Ivory Coast which is 4.5 stars can demolish a team like Barcelona.
Tip 5: Speed is 3/4 of the win. If you want to win, your strikers need to be quick on their feet and not be beaten by lousy defenders. As I said before, Ivory Coast can demolish teams like Barca, Madrid, or even Arsenal. Why? Because their strikers are incredibly fast.
Tip 6:  When running down the field with your left or right strikers, keep close to the out of bounds line. Don't pass it but don't stray too far from it. When the defenders go in for a tackle, the ball will either roll out of bounds, giving you a throw in, or you will regain possession farther ahead of the defender.
Tip 7; Don't do tricks when sprinting down the field. Instead of doing a rainbow over the defender or crossover or stepovers, pass the ball to your team. The only surefire way to always win is passing. No long passes. Short but perfect passes are the key to success.
Tip 8: Do not get mad or frustrated if you are unable to win. score, or defend. Keep a cool mind or your anger will greatly benefit the opponent.
Tip 9: When you are facing a goalie that runs out to stop you use the finesse shot. Chip it over his head to make sure it goes in.
Tip 10: When winning a match, waste as much time as you can. Pass the ball back and forth between your defenders and waste time so you know you will win.

That's all for know. More to follow up.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rewind button or Pause Button? Story

Beggar Henry was a mean and old man. Everyone was scared of him and no one talked to him. They said that war had hardened him. If so, he was a bit too hard. Moms used his name to scare children and tough guys ran from from him. But in reality, he just wanted a friend. Like everyone else in life, he had a friend. They were very close and never spent a day without talking. But one day, a more popular kid asked Henry to hang out with him. Henry, caught up in the popularity he was facing, ignored his best friend for months. When popularity finally dumped Henry, he went to find his old friend. But his friend didn't want to be his friend anymore. It was all very sad and Henry was heartbroken. But now, for the first time in years, a young boy adventured into Henry's cave and talked to him. In fact, the boy was actually a magician in disguise. He asked Henry, " Rewind or pause?" Henry, of course, didn't understand and ignored him but the boy asked again. Henry said. "Rewind" Magically, a small remote with 3 buttons appeared. They were rewind x1, rewind x2, and rewind x3! Henry immediately clicked rewind x3 and stopped his younger self from ignoring his best friend. As he grew up again, he became rich because he bet on games that he knew the winner. He became a billionaire and instead of being big bad beggar Henry, he became the widely known rich, handsome, Henry.

I know this wasn't the best story but what would you choose? Rewind or pause?   

Game of Football Memoir

Sweat dripped down my face as I trudged off the field, disgruntled by the way things were going so far. We were down 35-14 with 10 min remaining in the final quarter. This was my last game before I stopped football. As much as I loved football, I had found a new sport. Soccer. I wanted my last game to be a memorable one but things had been downhill so far. I staggered back to my position as HB. Hut Hut! Hike! The last word imploded into my ears as I took off running as if my life depended on it. I took a quick slant to the right and waved my hand to show the quarterback I was open. He threw a perfect spiral down the field. Catching it, I quickly turned to see the safety sprinting towards me. Sprinting around him, I quickly dove into the end zone. As the field goal was good, the whole team erupted with cheers! Now with the score at 35-21, the opponents quickly marched their way down the field. It seems I will never understand what actually happened but the ball flew through the air and into the hands of the defender!!! With the help of teammates, the safety, Mike Walter, easily scored again for the team. It was a pick 6!! Now the score was 35-28. Unfortunately, neither team were able to gain any ground after the interception. With only 14 seconds left, we had deemed it impossible to win. But since the clock had stopped, we were forced to keep playing. I exploded from my position and quickly ran as far down field as I could. With no open receivers and only 10 seconds on the clock, the QB bombed the ball towards me. Unable to see the ball with 5 ft defenders in front of me, I blindly groped for the ball. I believe that the defenders were the reason I was able to catch the ball. Although, they were blocking my vision, they swatted the ball down and into my arms. Now, no one was in my path and I ran my way into the end zone untouched. TOUCHDOWN!! 35-35. Only our kickers golden leg got us into the overtime we thoroughly deserved. We were easily able to exploit their weakness, their QB throwing strength. After 3 more interceptions, when overtime ended, the score was 42-35. We had won our last game and the championship!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Dribbling ball,
dodging feet,
rolling ball,
passing to friends,
running wide. 
Getting ball, 
Running up
to the goalie.
Feet in action
ball in air.
Clock counts down,
 ball goes in.

Running back,
Defending the goal,
Allowing no one past,
Daring them.
Ball comes by, 
goalie kicks it.
Feet in action again,
dribbling down the field. 

Hurricane Sandy

Devastation, Demolition, Destruction
run amock
in this town.
Paint peeling,
Basement flooded,
No light, no food
Nowhere to go.
Huddled in the dark
with nothing to do.
Hearing fierce cries 
of wind.
Howling noises
breaking wood
news reporters flooded.
Freezing cold,
Boardwalk gone
Casinos closed.
Food supply low
Stores cleaned out,
Damage all around. 
Fence is gone,
House is ruined
Sea calls out 
telling you no escape
It is-

Football Poem

Running down the field,
Juking, breaking tackles,
dodging big men
avoiding collisions,
using O line
to defend you. 
Running, running
breathing harder,
pumping arms faster,
running running
dodging safety,
jumping over players
leaping into touchdown area
spiking football
mobbed with players
scoreboard flashes.
Winning touchdown,
MVP of game,
Superbowl trophy
money incoming.
It is-

SkyFall 007

The other day, I went to watch SkyFall. Three words: Fighting, Shooting, and Fire. All three were mostly the main things in this movie. I don't want to give anything away, but it was mind blowing. The plot is on how this chip containing all the agents information is stolen. Bond and his partner go to take it back. Bond and the guy end up fighting on top of a train. The partner has a sniper and their boss, M, tell hers to shoot the bad guy. She misses the guy and Bond is hit. As everyone thinks he is dead, he must regain his training and make sure he saves the agents from being uncovered in this funny, action filled movie.