Sunday, April 28, 2013

Game of Football Memoir

Sweat dripped down my face as I trudged off the field, disgruntled by the way things were going so far. We were down 35-14 with 10 min remaining in the final quarter. This was my last game before I stopped football. As much as I loved football, I had found a new sport. Soccer. I wanted my last game to be a memorable one but things had been downhill so far. I staggered back to my position as HB. Hut Hut! Hike! The last word imploded into my ears as I took off running as if my life depended on it. I took a quick slant to the right and waved my hand to show the quarterback I was open. He threw a perfect spiral down the field. Catching it, I quickly turned to see the safety sprinting towards me. Sprinting around him, I quickly dove into the end zone. As the field goal was good, the whole team erupted with cheers! Now with the score at 35-21, the opponents quickly marched their way down the field. It seems I will never understand what actually happened but the ball flew through the air and into the hands of the defender!!! With the help of teammates, the safety, Mike Walter, easily scored again for the team. It was a pick 6!! Now the score was 35-28. Unfortunately, neither team were able to gain any ground after the interception. With only 14 seconds left, we had deemed it impossible to win. But since the clock had stopped, we were forced to keep playing. I exploded from my position and quickly ran as far down field as I could. With no open receivers and only 10 seconds on the clock, the QB bombed the ball towards me. Unable to see the ball with 5 ft defenders in front of me, I blindly groped for the ball. I believe that the defenders were the reason I was able to catch the ball. Although, they were blocking my vision, they swatted the ball down and into my arms. Now, no one was in my path and I ran my way into the end zone untouched. TOUCHDOWN!! 35-35. Only our kickers golden leg got us into the overtime we thoroughly deserved. We were easily able to exploit their weakness, their QB throwing strength. After 3 more interceptions, when overtime ended, the score was 42-35. We had won our last game and the championship!!

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