Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rewind button or Pause Button? Story

Beggar Henry was a mean and old man. Everyone was scared of him and no one talked to him. They said that war had hardened him. If so, he was a bit too hard. Moms used his name to scare children and tough guys ran from from him. But in reality, he just wanted a friend. Like everyone else in life, he had a friend. They were very close and never spent a day without talking. But one day, a more popular kid asked Henry to hang out with him. Henry, caught up in the popularity he was facing, ignored his best friend for months. When popularity finally dumped Henry, he went to find his old friend. But his friend didn't want to be his friend anymore. It was all very sad and Henry was heartbroken. But now, for the first time in years, a young boy adventured into Henry's cave and talked to him. In fact, the boy was actually a magician in disguise. He asked Henry, " Rewind or pause?" Henry, of course, didn't understand and ignored him but the boy asked again. Henry said. "Rewind" Magically, a small remote with 3 buttons appeared. They were rewind x1, rewind x2, and rewind x3! Henry immediately clicked rewind x3 and stopped his younger self from ignoring his best friend. As he grew up again, he became rich because he bet on games that he knew the winner. He became a billionaire and instead of being big bad beggar Henry, he became the widely known rich, handsome, Henry.

I know this wasn't the best story but what would you choose? Rewind or pause?   

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