Monday, July 8, 2013

Fifa Bicycle Kick

 Recently, as in today, I got the Xbox Achievement "Riding Bikes." What you have to do to unlock this achievement is score in a game with a bicycle kick. If you don't know what this is, here is a pic to show you.
It is an overhead kick, in which you jump and kick the ball backwards. In the video at the end of the post, Zlatan Ibrahimovic hits a stunning bicycle kick. It was beautiful.  Anyways, I have found an easy way to get this achievement. Start an exhibition match (You may use any team but a high star team is better) but before you start the match, go to settings and User Game Customization. Make the sprint speed and acceleration to 100 and the shot and pass error to 0. Go to CPU Game Customization and change sprint and acceleration to 0. Make the goalkeeper ability 0 and exit. As you play now, your players are incredibly fast  and accurate while the other GK will stink. Now quickly get the ball and sprint to the other side. When you reach the penalty box, turn so your back faces the keeper. For Xbox, click LT and repeatedly tap RB. The next part depends on your camera angle. While holding LT and clicking RB, flick the RS to the left and then hold LT and hit B. If done correctly, you will score and unlock the achievement. This is a good trick to use online and it never gets old. So, once again, here is Ibrahimovic's amazing bicycle kick.(In real life, that is) There is also a video of Matt Eliason scoring a bicycle kick in  a Messi and friends game. Amazing

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