Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Pain!

So today, my sister and I thought we were growing lazy. We decided to do a couple of workout exercise. We thought we could handle it even though it was an insanity workout of 20 minutes. I will never again do that again! We were on the ground, unable to move, and too tired to try.
Do you want to see if you can handle it?
Check it out at:
Warning: Do not eat an hour after exercising, or you will vomit!
BradScott,  You Rule! How can you do this without dying!  


  1. following you back! :) and good for you for taking that on! lol

  2. oh my gosh, have you tried P90X? We had to do a whole session for 45 minutes during school, a nightmare! But good for you for excerciing this summer :)

    1. No i didn't do P90X and hopefully I never will. I could barely stand 20 minutes, and i doubt i could do it for 45 minutes. Go to YouTube and type in BradScottFitness. H e has some great exercises and tips for a 6 pack.