Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Olympics :)

The Summer Olympic occurring every four years, have arrived! Medals are awarded, photos are taken, and records are broken. This is the Olympics!  At the opening ceremony, they handed off the torch and set the ring on fire! It was really pretty! Then came the fireworks. BOOOM! Awesome and heart-splattering. The Olympics  were first created in Athens, and they mostly were about a fight to the death. Weird, awesome, and gruesome rolled into one! Anyways, now we have swimming, boxing, archery, badminton, basketball, volleyball, cycling, football, and whole lot more! USA holds the record of most gold metals at 930, and everyone else is far behind! Yay! The Olympics though i must say, truly bore me to death. I don't like watching sport, I like playing. And watching a dude swim fast is so interesting!( Note the sarcasm) Anyways, to find out more about the Olympics go to: 
or for the schedule go to
The Rings Burn Bright In the Stadium and The Camera's Flash While The Tributes Watch In Awe!


  1. I saw it! it was beautiful! GO USA!!! XDDD

  2. I'm crazy about the Olympics! ,
    Since last week, I'm following my country but not only... It's amazing to watch all the athletes surpass themselves to win.