Monday, September 10, 2012


Homework. When most kids hear this, they groan and sigh. Me? I don't exactly jump for joy but homework makes sense to me. Learning it in school just isn't enough. You go home, play video games for three hours, and watch TV for 2 hours. By the time you get to your homework, you will either be tired, sleepy, hungry, or lazy. From then. kids skip homework which just ruins their grade. Then they get mad at the teacher for assigning homework. Before you play games or watch TV make sure your homework is done. Out of your day, homework takes abut 30 minutes to an hour. Not much time. And remember practice makes perfect! So always do your homework, because it will help your grade, and make your parents proud. Doing your homework without complaint is becoming more interdependent. Homework can get you places where video games cannot.  Study hard, and earn some serious money when you get older!

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