Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eragon: Why You Should Read It

Eragon, by Christopher Paolini, is a great book for teens. A poor farm boy is hunting when he finds a polished blue stone. That stone is actually a dragon egg. When it hatches Eragon's life changes. He is shoved into a world of great power, powerful people and magic overnight. With only a dead Rider's sword and the company of an old man with a lot of knowledge and a half grown dragon he must decide to join the Empire or join the Varden. By joining the Varden he will have to defeat the evil king who has no limits and has lived for an eternity. Galbatorix, the most power hungry and powerful rider alive has no limits to his strength but his fate might rest in Eragon's hands.

This book was very good and I enjoyed every moment of the book. The terrible monsters, the historic battles, and the magic amazed me. This book was better than I expected. I didn't expect all the battles and thought that Eragon was a dragon. I thought it would be from a dragons view and about a wild dragon fighting other dragons and surviving. Not a poor farm boy that became extremely powerful overnight  and his dragon that the Empire long to kill or capture. Eragon was definitely worth 4.5 starts. It was a bit confusing as they talked in the ancient language and strange things like the Razac and the Dwarves and especially but the magic. The good thing is that the book kept you on your toes with excitement. Each page had a new detail that made the story change direction but keep on going. It was definitely better that I thought. I highly recommend that you read this. I really like the plot and the characters involved. It deserves more credit than it gets. Read the book to learn if Eragon will test fate itself and join the Varden for the good of mankind or turn evil and join the Empire as an act to stay alive. His fate and the Varden and the Empire are sewn together and there is no way for them not to meet!  

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