Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ten Unhealthy Foods in the US

  1. Wendy's Baconator Double= 930 calories - to burn that much you need to run 9 miles!
  2. Burger King Triple Whopper with Cheese=1180 calories - that's running almost 12 miles!
  3. Subway Footlong Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki= 750 calories - that's running almost 7 miles!
  4. Wendy's Triple= 1030 calories - that's running almost 10 miles!
  5. Taco Bell XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito Beef= 880 calories - that's running almost 9 miles!
  6.  McDonald's Angus Chipotle BBQ Bacon= 800 calories - that's running almost 8 miles!
  7. Sonic Super SONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger= 1370 calories - that's running almost 14 miles!
  8. KFC Chicken Pot Pie= 790 calories - that's running almost 8 miles! 
  9. Subway 12-inch Italian B.M.T= 900 calories - that's running almost 9 miles!
  10. Pizza Hut Triple Meat Italiano= 1280 calories - that's running almost 13 miles!

All these foods have more than 600 calories and take forever to burn off. This foods should only be eaten once every month. The movie Super Size Me illustrates the weight you can gain by eating these type of foods. Everyone needs a healthy life style with a healthy diet. Eating these foods at least 3 times in 2 weeks would be suicide for your heart. These type of foods should be reduced in size and calories. Don't eat these too often. These foods can make you obese and it is very hard to lose weight. Life is hard, but don't make it harder for your heart by eating these. Eating these can lead to high blood pressure that can lead to strokes and heart attacks. You can even develop diabetes type two. ( You make insulin but are unable to use it) This can lead to death and heart attacks. All this can come from eating foods like this. Don't kill yourself. Limit yourselves to foods like these.

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