Friday, June 15, 2012

Mess-Ups Part Two

Have you ever noticed that when most people hold guns in movies, and they shoot it always hits the person in the stomach,head, or one of the arms. That doesn't make sense because not everyone can shoot right into their head. I'm sure if you actually hit someone you might nick their ear or their leg. Most likely it wont kill them right like how it happens in movies.
Another thing that happens is they never use the bathroom. I mean that the main characters in the "Day After Tomorrow" never use the bathroom even though they are stuck in that one room for a long time. This happens in all the movies.
The last thing I'm going to tell you about is when the hero is chasing the villain or vice-versa, the one person will get in the elevator and the other will not make it in time. Why don't they just click the button again and the elevator doors will open. Or sometimes the door closes right when they get there. Why don't they just stick their arm out and the door will pop open again.
Someday, when you become a movie star don't make these mistakes.

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