Friday, June 15, 2012

Movie Mess Ups

First off, I was watching a movie and the first stupid thing I saw was that the dogs always know the bad guy. I mean that police dogs and that sort can tell but a random dog can tell who the bad guy is in movies. They look and start growling and hissing to try and warn their owner. Otherwise, they need to borrow a fire hydrant right at that moment.

The next thing is that the bad guys usually put a bomb. That is a good movie action but the bomb always goes "BEEP BEEP," and it always has that big timer going down. It is like the villian is telling the hero exactly how much time is getting. Why not have the hero not now how much time there is? That would have so much more suspense in it.

Another thing is that a car will always explode when shot at. The only exception to that is unless the hero is driving. Say the police are chasing the bad guys and one of them shoots a police car. The car will explode in a huge ball of flame and stopping other police cars from catching the bad guy.

The last thing is that a building that requires a lot of dynamite can be destroyed by one grenade. No other building will get hurt in the explosion. That one grenade will blow up the entire building in seconds. It is like it grew superpowers or something.
Again, when you become a movie star, don't make these mistakes.

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