Thursday, June 28, 2012

Minecraft: The Best Game In The World

A fun game that has become very famous in a little bit is called Minecraft. I am addicted to Minecraft. It’s one of the things I do with blogging and going on my email. I have played for so long, I can’t remember when I started. My favorite game mode is survival because you can make something cool and have the pride that you found and mined these items. They didn’t just come to you, so you went and found them and then mined them. You have to make pickaxes and shovels and then you have to build and mine for more stone, cobblestone, and other blocks. I also like creative because everything is just there for you and you don’t have to work really hard. I like to play creative in super flat because I just find it easier as you don’t have to mine. For survival, you have to use default because it’s impossible to mine diamonds and swords and obsidian and all those other good things. I made some cool stuff in Minecraft Creative mode and in Minecraft Survival. I only just stared playing survival so I don’t have any armor but I have bows, swords, pickaxes, shovels and all those other things. I love fighting monsters and getting experience. I don’t have enough diamonds to make an enchanting table. I also go to the Nether a lot because I get glow stone and netherrack. I use that netherrack to light up my roof but once I started a forest fire by accident. It took forever to get rid of it! So much water I have never used in Minecraft. I have a couple pictures of my inventions. Check them out!  

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