Friday, June 29, 2012

Among the Hidden By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the hidden is a great book. It part of the shadow children series. An innocent boy called Luke has never known the meaning of school, or other children. He is a shadow child. In that time, you could only have 2 children. Luke is a 3rd child. If he is seen by the Population Police, him and his family can be shot on the spot. They all can be murdered for being alive. Life is a terrible thing for Luke and his life might not be as long as his brothers. His only friend he has ever known was Jen. Jen was a shadow child too but she thought they deserved to live. Jen died a noble yet horrible death. She began a whole rally of third children or shadow children. They protested that they deserved to be alive. The population police who are the ones that find and kill the third child, shot every single third child down, including Jen. What was even more surprising was that Jen's father was in the Population Police! This book was great and had a lot of surprises. It definetly got 4 stars! I loved it!

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