Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

So, yesterday I went to Sandy Hook Beach. But before we went to the beach, we set off for the lighthouse. The lighthouse was really cool. It is like over 200 years old, and it is huge! Inside, the stairs are really steep and there is only an iron bar and rope to hold onto. My friend freaked out half way up because its 95 steps to the top and the steps are as big as a ballpoint pen. When you get to the top, there is a 9-rung ladder to climb. I also got scared when coming down the ladder. I kept thinking that if somebody in the back fell, it could cause a domino effect. I didnt relax until we got all the way back down again. It was really cool and I suggest that anyone close by should go check it out!

This the lighthouse view from behind the building. Even from her it looked really pretty. I wish I could go again. My favorite part of the whole lighthouse trip was climbing those steep steps. As I was going up, I was exhilarated and at the end I  felt as if I could carry a ton of bricks back and forth those stairs a million times!

This is me as I go up the 9-rung ladder. It was very scary and I actually had fun climbing!


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  2. It looks more then 95 steps to me.