Monday, July 2, 2012

Books I Have Read

Inheritance-The fourth  book in the Eragon series was amazing! It had so many fights, so much drama and action and even comedy. I loved it. Rating: 5    Status: Read

H.I.V.E- This was a great book with a lot of action. Acriminal mastermind has made the minster look like a fool on live television but his plans are foiled when he is kidnapped. Will he try to escape the school of H.I.V.E or just stay for years? It had a lot of comedy and suspense. Rating: 4    Status: Read

Cabin Fever- This was a pretty good book . It definitely was not as complex as Inheritance and not as funny or suspenseful as H.I.V.E, but it was very interesting. I found a little humorous but it isnt for teens. Rating: 3   Status: Read

Cirque Du Freak-  This series is very funnt and mysterious. I read everybook in exactly 8 days. That's a book a day! And there are more books that I read! It was definetly for teens and had a lttle romance in it. The boy is a vampire and doesnt age normally. His girlfriend becomes a women and he still stays a boy! It's crazy!

Rating: 4       Status: Read

That's it for now, so check back in later for more books!

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