Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Elevator Nightmare

As we walked into NYC's subway system, I could tell it wasn't as clean as New Jersey. The air itself was damp and moist, but it was also hot. There were so many people, you couldn't hear someone right next to you. The sound of scurrying feet as they ran from train to train, or track to track( mice!) was very loud. Walking in the polluted streets of New York, I wondered where all the tress, and all the beautiful birds were. All I saw were garbage bags on the side of the street, and garbage on the ground, and a cracked and dirty sidewalk. We walked into a big building where the lights seemed to gleam and twinkle at you. My dad talked to the security guard about credit cards, taxes , and all that super boring adult stuff. He ushered me into the elevator, and told me he would follow on the next one. Going up, i felt kind of bored, so I too out my phone and played Bejeweled. Flish! the lights went out and the elevator was plunged into darkness. Then, I felt the lurching feeling you get when the elevator stopped, and I thought it was over but it wasn't. The doors wouldn't open, and I couldn't see. I looked at the buttons from the light of my phone. After a couple minutes of frantic screaming and thinking, the lights came on and the doors opened. I walked out a bit dizzy and swore on my life, I will never go on an elevator again!

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