Monday, July 9, 2012

Governor's Island

A helicopter takes off it's helipad, and goes over Governor Island
Governor's Island opened up and my family decided to go. We took a ferry and it felt as if I were King of the ocean gliding forever on the relentless waves. All to soon, the ferry ride finished and the walking began! So much walking, so much pain, so much heat! I went crazy for a bit and asked dumb questions, so my friend's mom said I had a heat stroke. we went William's Castle, and looked around. One of the exhibits had a 30 pound cannon ball. My sister strained to pick it up while I practically lifted it with one hand! There was even a cannon ball about 400 pounds. You weren't allowed to pick it up, even though I desperately tried. It was so heavy! Then we were taking pictures of us in the barred windows, and my friend skinned his hand and all the adults freaked out.It was actually pretty funny! We took a tram to a secluded area with a giant tire swing, and hammock. My sisters and I fought for the hammock, but while we were fighting my mom and dad took the hammock. My sister's fought them but I went on the tire swing. It was fun! Then my snobby sister thought she could just kick me off the swing and when I got off the hammock was open so I grabbed it. A little while later, we went to go buy bikes but one 4 seat bike for one hour was $80. So we just grabbed four individual bikes, and rode like the wind.  We returned it a bit early because we got tired, then went on the swings. After that it was time to go so we took the tram, and once again I was King Of The Ocean! I even saw a helipad, and at least 14 helicopters and all of them were landing. Even from a 5 yards away I could feel the powerful rotors spreading the wind in all directions. In all that time, we walked like 3 miles, and then my genius friend had the idea to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. So much walking, so much pain!!!!!

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