Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth Of July!

So, today is the Fourth of July, (Independence Day) , and a very special day to all Americans. We adopted the Declaration Of Independence, which freed us from the rule of the the British.  Families often celebrate Independence Day by hosting or attending a picnic or barbecue. Decorations are colored red, white, and blue. Parades are often made. My family has a barbecue each year to celebrate Independence Day. The same name as the movie! That was a good movie, but Independence Day not only shows us that the a weak army beat the worlds strongest army of that time! We let off fireworks, and dance at parties, and drink until we are drunk, but most people don't really care about the day.They just like the day off, the long weekend, and the time to relax. They do not try to understand why we celebrate, the hardships that the Continental Army had to face. With so few, they beat so many! They crossed the Delaware when is was snowing so hard, you could have died in the cold. And then, after a 9 mile walk, they faced a lot of Hessians. Washington planned the attack on Trenton on Christmas Eve. He was right, because all the Hessians were drunk or on a hangover, and they were able to defeat the Hessians, and boost the hopes of the Americans. This victory boosted the morale of many American soldiers, and after the Continental Army's first victory, many more came. We found hope on the cold night in December. So please go to one of these websites and learn about why we celebrate. Happy Fourth Of July!


  1. Happy independence day

  2. Thank you and happy independence day to you too and please include your name with your comment