Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July at Lake Papaianni

Today was Independence Day, everyone was celebrating for their rights and freedom that had been established 236 years ago. My family and I had gone to Lake Papaianni Park to have fun but the main reason was to see the astounding fireworks splash across the dark sky. Walking into the congested park, the humidity stuck in the air, I saw many rides from a distance.  I saw kids from my school, my neighborhood, my sister's school, and people from all over the world. I saw many people and since my dad is a newspaper media dude, at the end, we got to sell the extra newspapers. It was fun because my friends kept shoving it in people's faces, and my sister's got all embarrassed. I was playing ball with my mom on the other side. There were many toys. I got a small foam ball, a frisbee, a pen, and a beach ball. It was very fun trying to find people with the toys. What the main problem was that the crowd was so big, you could get lost if you 

strayed 20 feet away from your family. I got jostled so much, and the lines were HUGE! In the heat, waiting in the lines was a big accomplishment. The grand finale took off when everyone heard a loud boom in the air and magically fireworks started shooting up in the night sky.
I was really proud of my country today and you should be, too!

The fireworks exploded high above heads reminding us when all else fails, hope will be on your side!


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