Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Percy Jackson Versus Jason Grace?_____

Percy could win because there is water everywhere. Even in the human, or demigods body.  all Percy has to do is summon the moisture out of Jason's body and he will disintegrate. Also Percy can absorb the lightning with his water powers. He can create a tsunami that will drown Jason. He can do that wind thing he did with the wind dude in the fifth book. That would hopefully knock Jason over so he cant do any lightning bolt shazams. 
Jason on the other had can cause a lightning bolt to hit Percy. He can create a shock wave for him. He can also use his awesome sword, and javelin thing.  
Sadly in a sword fight, Percy is much stronger, faster, and smarter. He has more experience. Also he has the daughter of  Athena on his side. In a sword fight, Percy kicks butt! 


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  2. Um, one thing: How does Percy have more experience? Jason does, actually. Because a lot of people think Jason doesn't know as much as Percy, but they are about the same age and Jason was at camp since he was THREE and Percy was at camp since he was about ELEVEN. Just sayin'... ^^

    1. Jason has no memory of his training, while Percy trained with the master od swordplay, Luke. Also Percy beat Kronos and Jason only beat the giant