Sunday, July 22, 2012

Eddie Dickens Trilogy: Dreadful Acts

Synopsis from Goodreads:
 "Ah, life is never easy for Eddie Dickens. In this brave and hearty installment of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy, he narrowly avoids being blown up, trampled by horses, hit by a hot-air balloon, and arrested - only to find himself falling heels over head for a girl with a face like a camel's. He also falls into the hands of a murderous gang of escaped convicts. They have "a little job" for him to do. All the old favorites are here - including Mad Uncle Jack and Malcolm (or it is Sally?) the stuffed stoat - along with some worrying-looking new ones. A good time will be had by all. Except Eddie."

This book is great. Basically Eddie is awoken by his insane Uncle who lives in a tree house made of fish. They find a hearse in their driveway. The hearse you probably know of is a car but these were horses and a cart. The horses bolt when the house blows up. (No not the tree house, the main house.) A coffin that wasn't screwed into the hearse properly shot out like a, as Philip Ardagh would say, halfhearted  cannonball from a cannon not-packed with enough gunpowder. Eddie makes sure his family is alive and then goes to the coffin. CREAK!!! The coffin said The Great Zuchinni. I cant say anymore, but you can read the book to find out more.


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