Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Cats in Jeopardy

The big cats are in danger. If we keep killing them for their skin as a coat, there wont be any more left. We cut down the forestland and the places they live for more space. They cant live in buildings like us. They need their meat! We kill them with no regret in our hearts, and we wear their skin as coats. What if an animal came up to you, killed you, and wore your skin! You think you wouldn't care, but it would infuriate you. There are less than 3500 tigers left in the wild. We need to protect the few that are left! Compare the amazing amount of 7 billion humans to 3500 tigers! We have the power to save them, but we don't. Our children's children will never have the chance to a lion, or a tiger, or a leopard.  We have to save them before we talk about the tigers like we talk about dinosaurs! Save them!

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