Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential Debate: Romney or Obama?

Well, the long debate is taking place as of right now. Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are clashing with each other. Several times, they cut off Jim Lehrer so they could argue with each other. Romney really needs this win to get his campaign steady. Obama is a few points ahead of Romney and winning this debate will pull him farther ahead. Obama believes he was handed a bad country, and has improved, slightly but still improved. Obama believes that in his next term he will repair the damage done to America and will improve America's job rates. Romney believes that with his government experience he will create 12 million jobs and keep the income high. He also believes he will be the one to "fix" the country and pull America out of it's near-to depression. More than 60 million people have watched this debate and watching I can't tell who will win. This will be a close race, but in the end I think that Obama will win. It still depends on the vice-presidents debate. Who ever wins that will be a sure sign of who will win. We heard most of the same things and I don't believe 4 years for either of them will be enough to help America out of this state of ruin.

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